Thinking Out Loud - My Illustrated Videos

Here's my new music video illustration for this year 2015 : "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran.

You can visit our Youtube Channel here: . Hope you like it!

LiNLuV@rT Banners/Flyers/Product Labels

Banner Design for Client Voice Power Talents Management & Events Organizer

Brochure/Flyer Design for Client Mr. Guilbert Daligdig

Menu board and Flyer Design for Client Ms. Laurita Dave of Chicken Company

Facebook Banner Design for Ms. Jes P of Style & Goodies Online Store

Banner Design for Client VoicePower

Flyer Design for Client Adam Hernandez

Flyer/Brochure for client Emily Fenix

Flyer Menu & Menu Board Design for client Mitzi Sobiron

Product Label for client Aaron Tolosa,CA

Special Projects for Come to Jesus Community Church of Union - Banners/Posters to be used for church activities

Banner Design for Client David Weiley

Banner Design for Client Guilbert Daligdig

This is for my Odesk Client Scott Brown (All Rights Reserved for Mr. Scott Brown)

Book Cover for Odesk Client Dr. Tiffany Brown (All Rights Reserved for Dr. Tiffany Brown)

For my local client Ms. Marissa San Juan(All Rights Reserved for Ms. Marissa San Juan)

Flyer Design for Ms Tara

Ebook Banner for Odesk Client Chad Fergusson

Menu Card for Client Evelyn Banares ( Tapsi Avenue Pasay)

Sample Banners/Magazine Covers

LiNLuV@rt Logo Design

Logo Design for client Ms. Marilou Ortega 

Logo Design and Facebook Banner Design for Client Ms. Precious Rivero

Product Label Design - Splendid Soap

Logo Design for Ms. Jes P. of Style and Goodies

Logo Design for client Hazel Ancheta-Jover

Logo Design for Client Steven Lambert

Logo Design for Client Leticia Mabalay

Logo  for client Dr. Rachel Garcia

Logo Relayout for Client Toti Sampedro

Logo Study for client Earl Adkins
Product Branding Design for Client Maria Bustos

Door Hanger Design for Client Jeff Bautista

Logo Design for Client Hazel Jover

Logo Design for Client Guilbert Daligdig

Logo Design for Client Gladys Co

This for my Odesk Client Mr. Scott Brown (All rights reserved for Mr. Scott Brown)

Wine Label, Logo and Price Sheet for my Odesk Client - Mr. Michael Scott (All rights reserved for Mr. Michael Scott)

Logo Design for MyLuVTEE

Other Sample Logo and Product Labels for Business:

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